Scavenging Systems


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Code Name Brand Price Bulk Qty
GVPDC-Aldas Aldasorber Medical Filter - absorbs up to 200g waste gas GVP -- -- must login
GVPE-3145-C Carbex LF white pellets 4.2kg - permanent colour change indication -- -- must login
GVPE-3150 Soda Lime Canister - clear polycarbonate -- -- must login
GVPE-3153 Soda Lime Canister - MDI 'KAB' Circular - clear polycarbonate -- -- must login
GVPE-3159-P Precision Absorber w H2O Manometer Gauge Vetquip -- -- must login
GVPE-3160 Soda Lime Canister Mounting Adaptor - anodised aluminium -- -- must login
GVPE-3168(a) Active Scavenge System - additional stainless steel wall plate -- -- must login
GVPE-3169(a) Active Scavenge System - wall mount, mains powered -- -- must login
GVPE-3190 Scavenge Tube - 22mm diameter -- -- must login
GVPE-3222 Clean Air Filter - absorbs up to 50g waste gas -- -- must login
GVPF-010617 Soda Lime Canister Scavenge Tube Adaptor/Reducer 30mm/22mm Flexicare Australasia -- -- must login

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