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Circuits, machines, monitors, vaporisers, ET tubes, face masks, O2 therapy, rebreathing bags, parts & consumables


Adhesive and non-adhesive bandages and tapes PLUS casting materials.


Medcell batteries as good as the best at a better price AAA AA C D 9V

Bedding & Cage Lining

Bedding to keep patients warm, dry and comfortable

Cages & Runs

Stainless Steel cages and runs for dogs and cats of all sizes

Cleaning & Disinfection

Disinfectants, mops and buckets, paper towel, toilet rolls and tissues


Dental suites, scalers, instruments and consumables

Elizabethan Collars

Elizabethan collars flat packed in 10s


Autoclaves, cryosurgery units, otoscopes and ophthalmoscopes, electrocatuery units, IV pumps, suction, surgery and exam tables, weighing scales etc


Surgical and examination gloves


Clippers and blades, lubricants, nail trimmers


Individual surgical instruments and surgical kits

IV Therapy

Giving sets, extension sets, IV pumps, syringe pumps, IV fluid warmers & IV catheters etc


Laboratory test kits, staining solutions plastic and glassware


Surgery and examination lights

Medications & Dispensing Containers

We stock & sell a small range of medications and specialised dispensing bottles.

Microchips & Scanners

Mini and standard microchips and a diverse range of scanners


Bone plates, screws, pins, cruciate repair systems

Parasite Control

Gastrointestinal wormers, heartwormers and flea control

Surgical Attire

Operating gowns, face masks, scrub tops, shoe covers and hair nets

Surgical Consumables

Swabs, laparotomy sponges, absorbant pads, biopsy punch, drains, anal sac gel kits

Surgical Needles

1/2 circle, 3/8 circle, 1/2 ski and straight (12 packs). German Stainless Steel for long lasting sharpness and strength

Surgical Prep

Drapes - disposable and washable, instrument trays, kidney dishes, sterilisation pouches and indicator tape, surgical disinfectants


Cassettes, packets, staples and glues


AGFA CR processors, Xray units and tables, grids and cassettes, PPE and positioners


Urinary catheters for dogs & cats.

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