Instruments Product Categories

Wide selection of artery forcep types catering for all budgets
For use in ophthalmic procedures. Stainless steel and reusable.
Every type of forcep imaginable from Adson, Allis, Babcock, DeBakey
Great value ready prepared kits for General Soft Tissue, Ophthalmic, Spey and Stitchup surgeries
Mirrors for assisting oral and oropharyngeal examination
Wide variety including Gillies, Mathieus, Olsen-Hegar, Mayo etc
Electric and manual plaster cutters
Various types of reflex hammers including Taylor, London Hospital and Buck.
Massive range of hooks and retractors including Crile, Gelpi, Spey, Senn, Weitlaner
All scalpel handles and blades
Wide range of scissors for every budget
Suction end pieces, tubing and consumables
All of the commonly used towel clamps

Contact information

PO Box 417 Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519 Australia

1300 838 438

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