Carbex LF white pellets 4.2kg - permanent colour change indication

Fresh Sodasorb® LF pellets are white. When carbonated (“exhausted”) they turn violet permanently. When desiccated (“moisture-free”) they also turn blue-purple! Sodasorb® LF promotes the safest operating environment, by matching the absorbent capabilities with the risk profile of Low Flow Anesthesia. The formulation of Sodasorb® LF consists of materials that have a lower pH, so it disposes more easily and converts to naturally occurring minerals, resulting in lower environmental impact. Sodasorb® LF performs as well as traditional absorbents in Low Flow Anesthesia and can improve efficiency over 2nd generation absorbents.


  • Formulation prevents generation of compound A and carbon monoxide
  • Permanent color change when absorbent is exhausted
  • Indication of desiccation
  • Same absorption efficiency as regular Sodasorb®
  • Sodasorb®LF has very low levels of strong base


  • Provides a safer operating environment; ensures well-being of patients and staff.
  • Unique feature, providing cost savings and easier (more accurate) change-outs.
  • Eases concerns of potential hazards in O.R. that can promote dangerous byproducts
  • Maintain the confidence you’ve always had with regular Sodasorb® Friendlier to the environment

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