LUXO LHH LED Examination Light - Ceiling Mounted

LUXO LHH LED Examination Light - Ceiling Mounted

Ceiling mount pole 60cm
1050mm long spring-balanced arm
25,000 lux at 1 metre
All metal construction
Includes antimicrobial "SteriTouch" finish
Tuneable White (3500K, 4000K or 4500K)
5 Year Warranty

The new LHH is a natural development of our original medical examination luminaire, which is in daily use by medical professionals all over the world.

It is the highly flexible self-balancing arm in conjunction with excellent light output that has given our LHH diagnostic luminaires their vast popularity among the medical profession. The frictionless horizontal and vertical movement and the ease of use make the LHH the most flexible examination luminaire on the market – and the best in its class. The use of modern LED light sources has made it possible to reduce the size of the new lamp head.

LHH is designed especially for demanding viewing conditions that require exceptionally good light such as medical examination and minor procedures

Exact positioning LHH has a covered spring balanced arm for easy cleaning and safe and easy positioning. The flexibility and precision of the spring balanced arm means that LHH can be positioned exactly where the light is required. The light sources are positioned well inside the lamp head, in order to avoid glare.

Available in Wall and Mobile options also.

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