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Apnoea alert systems and probes including Apalerts and Apnoea Breathe Safe III Monitors.
A range of monitors to measure concentration or partial pressure of CO2 in the respiratory gases
The dependable Easybeat is a workhorse of veterinary anaesthetic and critical care monitoring.
A range of Multi Parameter Anaesthetic Monitors from basic to full functionality.
PetMAP Multi-Parameter Monitors
A good range of Pulse Oximeters to suit every budget. For spare sensors (probes) see Sensor Category.
You can find sensors, cables, chargers & accessories here or search by brand - Easybeat, Meditech, etc.


Prices are excluding GST and are subject to change without notice Monitors
Code Name Brand Price Bulk Qty
GVPAP-APP Apalert RM5 Part - Apalert Charger apAlert -- -- must login
GVPAP-APS Apalert RM5 Part - Standard Sensor Tip & Cable apAlert -- -- must login
GVPAP-APSP Apalert RM5 Part - Standard Sensor Tip only apAlert -- -- must login
GVPAP-ARM5 Apalert RM5 - Vet Respiratory Monitor apAlert -- -- must login
GVPAV-5563 Mindray PM-60Vet Monitor Mindray -- -- must login
GVPAV-IMEC8 Mindray iMEC8Vet Multiparameter Monitor Mindray -- -- must login
GVPAV-IPM12 Mindray iPM12Vet Multi Parameter Monitor Mindray -- -- must login
GVPBT-EASYBEATII Easybeat II Vital Signs Monitor Easyvet -- -- must login
GVPE-5495 Breathe Safe III Anaesthetic Apnoea Monitor Jorgensen -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N(a) PetMAP+ NIBP only PetMAP -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N/S(a) PetMAP+ NIBP/SpO2 -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N1 PetMAP+ Oesophageal/Rectal Extension Cable -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N2 PetMAP+ Oesophageal Temp Probe -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N3 PetMAP+ Rectal Temp Probe -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N4 PetMAP+ SpO2 Sensor -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N5 PetMAP+ Pole Mount -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N6 PetMAP+ International Adapter Plug -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N7 PetMAP+ Mains Charger -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N8 PetMAP+ Small NIBP Extension Hose -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-N9 PetMAP+ Large NIBP Extension Hose -- -- must login
GVPE-5567-NC PetMAP+ Monitor Impact Cover -- -- must login
GVPE-5568-7 Nellcor SpO2 Probe Nellcor -- -- must login
GVPE-5582-Touch1 Cardell Touch Multi Parameter Monitor Midmark -- -- must login
GVPE-5593-NT1D-M Procap - Mainstream Capnograph -- -- must login
GVPE-5593-NT1D-S Procap - Sidestream Capnograph -- -- must login
GVPE-5595-C50V Anitek C50V Multi Parameter Anaesthetic Monitor Anitek -- -- must login
GVPE-5595-C80V Anitek C80V Multi Parameter Anaesthetic Monitor Anitek -- -- must login
GVPE-5660(a) Vet-Dop 2. Blood Pressure Monitor GVP -- -- must login
GVPE-5667-G2a PetMAP Graphic II PetMAP -- -- must login
GVPE-5667-N5 PetMAP Graphic II Pole Mount -- -- must login
GVPE-5667-NC PetMAP Graphic II Monitor Impact Cover -- -- must login
GVPE-5668-2 PetMAP BP CritterCuffs - 2.0cm -- -- must login
GVPE-5668-25 PetMAP BP CritterCuffs - 2.5cm -- -- must login
GVPE-5668-3 PetMAP BP CritterCuffs - 3.0cm -- -- must login
GVPE-5668-35 PetMAP BP CritterCuffs - 3.5cm -- -- must login
GVPE-5668-4 PetMAP BP CritterCuffs - 4.0cm -- -- must login
GVPE-5668-45 PetMAP BP CritterCuffs - 4.5cm -- -- must login
GVPE-5668-55 PetMAP BP CritterCuffs - 5.5cm -- -- must login
GVPE-5668-65 PetMAP BP CritterCuffs - 6.5cm -- -- must login
GVPE-5668-8 PetMAP BP CritterCuffs - 8.0cm -- -- must login
GVPF-010645 Apalert RM5 Part - Endo Tube Swivel Connector Flexicare Australasia -- -- must login
GVPMT-Cuff1 Disposable NIBP Cuffs size 1 Luer Slip Connector 3-6cm Meditech -- -- must login
GVPMT-Cuff2 Disposable NIBP Cuffs size 2 Luer Slip Connector 4-8cms Meditech -- -- must login
GVPMT-Cuff3 Disposable NIBP Cuffs size 3 Luer Slip Connector 6-11cms Meditech -- -- must login
GVPMT-Cuff4 Disposable NIBP Cuffs size 4 Luer Slip Connector 7-13cms Meditech -- -- must login
GVPMT-Cuff5 Disposable NIBP Cuffs size 5 Luer Slip Connector 8-15cm Meditech -- -- must login
GVPMT-Cuffs Disposable NIBP Cuffs set of 5 Meditech -- -- must login
GVPMT-M3-CC M3 Monitor Mainstream CO2 and SPO2 Connection Cable Meditech -- -- must login
GVPMT-M3-Charge M3 Mini Vet Monitor Charging Stand Meditech -- -- must login
GVPMT-M3C-M M3C Mini Vet Monitor - SpO2 + EtCO2 Mainstream Meditech -- -- must login

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