Comweld Series-O Medical Oxygen Regulator

Comweld Series-O Medical Oxygen Regulator  has the following features:

The Series-O regulator has been the industry leader for medical gas regulators in Australia for years. The simple but effective design and ease of use make this single stage regulator a very low maintenance yet high performing product: one that can be used in a variety of environments.


  • Encapsulated Seat Technology (EST) ensures superior performance, accuracy and resistance to 'surging'
  • Large diameter diaphragm gives a performance that is normally only found in double stage regulators
  • Triple filter system increases the regulator performance by preventing foreign particles from getting in contact with the high pressure gas or the regulator seat
  • No tools are required to routinely disconnect the regulator from the cylinder valve
  • A safety relief valve is built in to the regulator to protect staff and patients in the event of high pressure failures
  • Tamper resistant design to ensure only qualified personnel can access the medical gas regulator
  • Colour coded pressure gauges and identification labels for quick recognition of the gas used by the regulator
  • Gas specific inlet fittings and outlet fittings to prevent fitting to the wrong gas type
  • Pin Index System for locking connection to O2 cylinders


 Weight (grams): 920 
 Gas: Oxygen 
 Colour: White 
 Max. outlet Pressure: 400 kPa 
 Max. Rated Inlet Pressure: 20,000 kPa @ 15ºC
 Inlet: Pin Indexed Yoke 
 Outlet:  S.I.S Sleeve

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PO Box 417 Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519 Australia

1300 838 438

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