Cryopen B Plus

CryoPen B Plus.

Highly effective instrument for the removal of skin lesions.

Little to no pre-operative skin preparation is required and post-operative care is unnecessary.

By pointing the CryoPen’s micro-fine jet directly onto the lesion the application is accurate to the millimetre and treats only the abnormal tissue.

The patient experiences only minor discomfort.

As the treatment is not unpleasant the patient will tolerate a longer and deeper freeze.

The results are more effective and fewer repeat visits are required.

Full control with on/off switch.

Ready for use with 23g cartridges. Simply dispose when empty & reload.

Comes with 2 micro-applicators for ultimate accuracy.

Freezing power at -89°C.

Alternative canister types are only -55°C.

Supplied with starter kit containing 6 x 23gram cartridges.

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