PAWsitioner - patient Xray positioning set of 5

Pawsitioner® Veterinary Radiographic and Surgical Positioning Aides

  • The Pawsitioner® is a radiotransparent positioning cradle designed to secure patients for surgery or diagnostic imaging.
  • Engineered and patented by a practicing veterinarian, it will enhance the safety and efficiency of any small animal hospital.
  • The Pawsitioner® eliminates the need for tie downs and makes it easy to prepare patients outside the operating room, without the hassle of re-positioning in surgery.
  • Allows hands-free radiography for many of the common views (in most cases with minimal sedation).

PORTABILITY - Patients can be transported safely and easily, from prep area to surgery and back to the wards, with the Pawsitioner®. Because of the limb restraints and anchors, accidents while carrying a patient will be  minimised.

WIDE RANGE OF SIZES - The Pawsitioner® is available in five sizes, capable of containing anything from a 3.5kg cat to a 55kg dog.

VERSATILITY - Without repositioning, the patient can be placed on its back, or either side for V-D, left lateral or right lateral thoracic, or abdominal views.

PRACTICALITY - The Pawsitioner® is made of high-density polyethylene, which is virtually stain-proof and chemically inert. The rotomolded positioning cradles, are non-porous and can be easily cleaned with a disinfectant such as chlorhexidine. The straps can be machine washed, in either cold or warm water and machine dried. Because our products nest into a small space, they can be stored virtually anywhere.

DURABILITY - Our largest Pawsitioner® can hold dogs up to 120 pounds. High-density polyethylene is very resistant to impact and is un-breakable under everyday clinical use.

ONE YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY - Guaranteed against defects in workmanship under normal use, for one year. We will either repair or replace the part. All Pawsitioner® products are manufactured and assembled in the United States.

PEACE OF MIND - Let’s face it; there is really no such thing as a safe level of exposure to radiation. You owe it to your staff, to provide them with every opportunity to protect  themselves, from unnecessary exposure.

SKULL VIEWS - Because of the numerous locations of Velcro® anchors and numerous straps, almost any view of the skull can be achieved with the Pawsitioner®. Rostral- Caudal views of the skull are easy and so are open mouth views. All of this without any personnel, in the same room!

SIZE 5       148cm       32-55kg

SIZE 4       120cm       20-32kg

SIZE 3       96cm         11-20kg

SIZE 2       76cm         6.8-11kg

SIZE 1       60cm         3.5-6.8kg

CODE: GVPE-5382-5 Large Set of 5 Pawsitioner Aides .

Only comes as set of 5 (not sold individually)

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