IV Infusion Pump - TransVusion-TX-LP-1900

The TransVusion IV Infusion Pump brings an easy to use yet sophisticated infusion pump to the veterinary market that gives vets and nurses the freedom to use an extensive range of standard Giving Sets. You are not locked in to using a particular giving set as the unit is easy to calibrate according to the parameters of the Giving Set tubing that you wish to use.

Compact, programmable infusion pump suitable for delivery of fluids, including whole blood, total parenteral nutrition (TPN) and IV fluid therapy.


  • Small, lightweight & compact
  • Using the new half-pressing technique, the peristaltic pump does not damage molecules in fluid and is good for medical solutions, blood and plasma.
  • Patented “Double Pulse” compensation technique ensures good linearity even at low delivery rates.
  • Double CPU system makes the running status super safe. Delivery will be cut off, even if control circuit is powered off, and machine will alarm.
  • Rechargeable Back-up Battery supports at least 4 hours continuous operation.
  • Different fluid delivery modes available:
    • Fluid delivery rate
    • Delivery time rate
    • Patient weight rate
    • Dripping Rate.
  • Historical record function, easy to recall operation data.
  • Alarm for door open, low battery, occlusion, end program, malfunction, etc.
  • Dimensions only 128mm (W) × 115mm (D) × 300mm (H)
  • Weight approx 1.6kg

TransVusion IV Infusion Pumps can be used with 10, 20, 60 drops/mL Giving Sets and with varying hardness of tubes from Soft to Hard. This is a very easy IV Pump to use and calibrate yourself, giving you the flexiblity to use whatever Giving Sets you want to.

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