ICU Climate Control Cage

The Aeolus Pet ICU Climate Control Cage has the following features:

  • Accurate temperature control with heating distributed evenly throughout chamber from 2 independent fans.
  • Humidly control.
  • Negative-ion generation - auxilary medical effect.
  • Sterilisation function - ability to sterilise the chamber in between patients, preventing cross-contamination.
  • Medical atomisation treatment function using inbuilt nebuliser making treatment convenient.
  • Carbon Dioxide concentration monitoring system - alarms when set CO2 limits exceeded.
  • ICU LED illumination function with 10 brightness settings allow examination of patient without opening chamber.
  • Designed for ease of use and cleaning, including easy to remove base tray with grate.
  • External IVF access port.
  • External Oxygen supplement port.
  • Minimal service requirements.

Ideal use for:

  • Neonatal treatment - pups struggle to maintain normothermia in their first week of life. Environmental temperature support for struggling/premature pups increases survival rates dramatically.
  • Caesarian support for pups while bitch under anaesthesia and recovering from surgery.
  • Critical care of animals up to 10kg requiring supportive medical care. eg tick toxicity, snake envenomation, motor vehicle traumas, surgical recovery etc.
  • Nebulisation therapy aiding administration of inhaled medications eg cats suffering feline asthma.

Additional optional accessories include:

  • Oxygen separator capable of delivering 10L/min of Oxygen at a concentration of 93%.
  • Cooling machine for assisting treatment of hyperthermic patients.

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