CVET IV Fluid Warmer

Economical Fluid Warmer with temperature display for standard IV Sets.

The Covetrus blood and infusion warmer reduces the temperature difference between IV fluid and patient and minimises the occurrence of hypothermia.


• For warming up all intravenously administered liquids

• Easy to handle LED temperature display

• Precise temperature control between 35 °C and 42 °C 0.1 °C incremental settings

• Audio and visual alarms for overheating, temperature too low, system error, door open, heating reminder

• Hook mounting or drip mount options

• Fast start warming time 2 minutes 3 fluid line paths to cater to fluid line length


IV tubing size

3.0 - 5.0mm

Flow rate range                                               


Power requirement

240V AC 60 Hz

Weight w/power cord


i-Warmer dimension

19 x 9 x 6cm

Suggested operating temp

20 - 25ºC

Heating method

Dry heat exchange.

Equipment classification


Backup overheating protection with power interrupted at 45ºC with visual and audio alarm.

Product Details
Shipping Time2-3 days
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Contact information

PO Box 417 Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519 Australia

1300 838 438

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