Operating Gown - Waterproof Front/Cotton Back (Small)

Operating Gown, Scrub Top & Pants & Drape Material Information

Water Resistant Polyester:

  • Grey fabric used for operating gowns
  • Width 150cm
  • Weight 105gsm ( ie. grams per square metre)
  • 100% Polyester
  • Waterproof

Antistatic Polyester:

  • Dark blue mostly used for scrubs (but also used for operating gowns).
  • Width 147cm
  • Weight 112gsm
  • 99% Polyester/ 1%  Carbon
  • This fabric breathes more than the grey waterproof fabric
  • Absorbs some moisture.
  • The Carbon gives it its antistatic quality so good for groomers/nurse scrubs.


  • Green fabric used for drapes
  • Width 150cm
  • Weight 190gsm
  • 65% Polyester/ 35% Rayon.
  • Polyester gives strength, & prevents shrinkage & creasing.
  • Rayon (being cellulose based) provides absorbency & breathability.


  • Pure cotton fabric comes in many colours but mostly we use blue or grey.
  • Use for backs of scrubs & gowns (to give breathability) & double sided drapes.
  • Width 112cm
  • Weight 140gsm
  • 100% Cotton
  • Absorbent, breaths & will shrink slightly when washed but seems to stretch out again once used.
  • With this fabric, as little as one metre can be bought from manufacturer ( as opposed to a whole roll which applies to all the other fabrics) This is handy if a client wants a particular colour.


  • Blue fabric that can be used for drapes (Colour shows up blood stains more than in green Lustalene fabric. Therefore better for plain drapes than fenestrated)
  • A little heavier in weight than the Homespun & has the same uses.
  • Width 180cm
  • Weight 190gsm
  • 55% Cotton/ 45% Polyester
  • Poly Cotton so shrinks & crushes less but also breaths less than Homespun

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