Oster A5 Blade Take Down Quick Blade - Medium Set


  • Leaves hair  3.2mm
  • Wider teeth allow for quicker clip-down time
  • Use on horses, cattle, goats and hogs
  • Blade fits all Oster® heavy-duty clippers
  • Ideal for heavy coated, matted dogs and large animal breeds

Oster blades are put through a 12 step process to guarantee quality and craftsmanship. The process starts with a fine grain carbon steel that is heat treated to create a hard surface for greater wear resistance.  The patented Cryogen X process takes the blade down to 300 degree for a deep freeze, producing a harder, sharper blade which extends the product life.  Each blade is then hand lapped for a smooth finish.

Compatible with the following detachable clippers:

  •   A6®
  •  Golden A5®
  •  Turbo A5®
  •  Power Max Ultra® Clippers
  •  PowerPro Ultra® Clippers

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