Siqura Surface Disinfectant - 5L Bulk Bottle for Refill

Hospital Grade Disinfectant - Bulk Refill Bottle

What makes SIQURA™ products so different?

DURABILITY - SIQURA™ Sanitiser & Hospital Grade Disinfectant offer residual efficacy, meaning they kill germs PLUS stick around to continue to defend against them. It’s this long-lasting antimicrobial protection that sets SIQURA™ apart.

What is the active ingredient in SIQURA™ products?

The active ingredient in SIQURA™ products are called quaternary ammonium compounds, or ‘Quats’ for short. While Quats are an active ingredient in many existing cleaning products, SIQURA™ have developed a method to ‘lock’ the quats onto surfaces for longer-lasting protection. Hence the name “Quatlock”.

Will this sanitiser make my hands sticky or dry?

The non-alcohol formulation in SIQURA™ Hand Sanitiser and Protectant will not dry, crack or damage your hands. The QuatLock™ protective shield is microscopic — meaning it’s so small that you may not even notice that it’s there.

Where can SIQURA™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant be used?

All prices exclude GST Freight charges may apply SIQURA™ Hospital Grade Disinfectant is not just for hospitals - it is also suitable for use in childcare, education, manufacturing, residential care, transport, hospitality, commercial & domestic use.

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