Face Mask Disposable with Ear Loops (40) - Made in Australia

Face Mask - Disposable with Ear Loops (40s) has the following features:


A quality universal disposable face mask by Wynstan Health™created for pharmacy, retail, hardware, grocery and industrial customer channels to support ongoing Australian Department of Health mandates around universal precautions and social distancing.

High quality design and construction

Comfortable three-layer filtration and breathability

Adjustable nose bridge

One size fits all

Latex free

Inner packs of 10 masks for convenience of storage in handbags, pockets and  desk drawers

Proudly Australian designed and manufactured


Product Construction:

• Outer layer:   100% Spunbond Polypropylene
• Middle layer:  100% Melt Blown Polypropylene
• Inner layer:    100% Spunbond Polypropylene


Packaging Details:

• 40 masks per inner box (4 individual packs of 10)


Product Storage:

Product should be stored in a clean dry environment away from direct sun light under 30 degrees Celsius


Cartons available - Face Mask Disposable with Ear Loops (40s) - 12 boxes/carton (480 individual faces masks total) - CODE: GVPWY-WH203110/B


Product Details
Shipping Time1-2 days
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Contact information

PO Box 417 Fairy Meadow, NSW 2519 Australia

1300 838 438


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