Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Product Categories

Several options for hand and forearm radiation protection.
Different thyroid protector options
Different Xray apron options


Prices are excluding GST and are subject to change without notice Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
Code Name Brand Price Bulk Qty
GVPAS-XAP0.5LR Kiran Xray Apron - 0.5mm Lead Equiv -- -- must login
GVPAS-XMIR Xray Handshields w Open Palm -- -- must login
GVPAS-XMIVEJ Xray Mittens - Open Fingers Underneath -- -- must login
GVPAS-XTCKIR Kiran Thyroid Protector -- -- must login
GVPAS-XTCMAR Mandarin Thyroid Protector -- -- must login

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