Paper Towel & Tissue Rolls


Prices are excluding GST and are subject to change without notice Paper Towel & Tissue Rolls
Code Name Brand Price Bulk Qty
GVPOC-KITTOWEL Kitchen Towel Roll - Gentility - 24 rolls/polybag Gentility -- -- must login
GVPOC-MINITORK Centre Feed Roll Paper Towel - MiniTork, 120m x 21.5cm 11rolls/ctn Tork -- -- must login
GVPOC-PTKC44199 Kimberley Clark Paper Towel Roll - Scott 18cm x 140m, 8rolls/ctn Kimberley Clark -- -- must login
GVPOC-TIL1220CW Interleaved Paper Towel Premium - Caprice, 23cmx24cm 120 sheets 20pks/ctn Caprice -- -- must login
GVPSL-CFT1203 Centre Feed Paper Towel - Livi Essentials, 19cm x 300m, 4 rolls/ctn Livi Essentials -- -- must login
GVPSL-FT1302 Facial Tissue - Livi Essentials (hypo allergenic) 2ply 200sh 30pk Livi Essentials -- -- must login
GVPSL-HT1200 Paper Towel Roll - Livi Essentials, 80m x 18cm, 16 rolls/ctn Livi Essentials -- -- must login
GVPSL-RT1205 Centre Feed Paper Towel BLUE - Livi Essentials, 21cm x 330m, 6 rolls/ctn Livi Essentials -- -- must login
GVPSL-TIL1401 Interleaved Paper Towel - Livi Essentials XL, 23x36cm, 100sheets/pack, 24pk/ctn Livi Essentials -- -- must login
GVPSL-TIL7200 Interleaved Paper Towel - Livi Basics, 22.5x23cm, 200sheets/pack, 20pk/ctn Livi Basics -- -- must login
GVPSL-TT1001 Toilet Tissue - Livi Essentials, 2ply, 400sht/roll, 48rolls/ctn Livi Essentials -- -- must login
GVPSL-TT7008 Toilet Tissue - Livi Basics, 2ply, 400sht/roll, 48rolls/ctn Livi Basics -- -- must login

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