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Microscope objectives from 4 X to 100 X (oil). Both Infinity (8) and 160mm Tube Length types.
The Optek range of microscopes are of the best quality across all lines - entry level to research.


Prices are excluding GST and are subject to change without notice Microscopes
Code Name Brand Price Bulk Qty
GVPIS-B200S-Tri-Cam Optek Trinocular Lab Microscope OPT-B200S With HDMI 1080p Camera Optek -- -- must login
GVPIS-BMC20A-Tri-Cam Optek Trinocular Lab Microscope -BMC20A With HDMI Camera Optek -- -- must login
GVPIS-OBJ160-100X Microscope Objective 100X (Oil) -160 TL Microscopes -- -- must login
GVPIS-OBJ160-10X Microscope Objective 10X -160 TL Microscopes -- -- must login
GVPIS-OBJ160-40X Microscope Objective 40X -160 TL Microscopes -- -- must login
GVPIS-OBJ160-4X Microscope Objective 4X -160 TL Microscopes -- -- must login
GVPIS-OBJINF-100X Microscope Objective 100X (Oil) - Infinity Microscopes -- -- must login
GVPIS-OBJINF-10X Microscope Objective 10X - Infinity Microscopes -- -- must login
GVPIS-OBJINF-40X Microscope Objective 40X - Infinity Microscopes -- -- must login
GVPIS-OBJINF-4X Microscope Objective 4X - Infinity Microscopes -- -- must login
GVPIS-OBM300-Tri-Cam Optek Trinocular Lab Microscope OBM300 With HDMI Camera Optek -- -- must login
GVPIS-OPT-B200S Optek Binoc Lab Microscope OPT-B200S Optek -- -- must login
GVPIS-OPT-BM300 Optek Binoc Lab Microscope OPT-BM300 Optek -- -- must login
GVPIS-OPT-BMC20A Optek Bioc Lab Microscope - OPT-BMC20A Optek -- -- must login

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